Fans’ Forum – Clarification


Port Vale Supporters’ Club would like to make it clear that next week’s Fans’ Forum is not being organised by us and any questions should be directed towards Radio Stoke and Port Vale Football Club.

The forum was very briefly mentioned to us yesterday, we said either a larger venue should be chosen or contingency plans should be in place to quickly move to a stand to ensure all fans who wanted to attend could do so.

We are not in favour of any event which restricts supporters from attending. It is disappointing that this is not a SC event especially after the very positive comments made by the new owners about working with the SC yesterday – but we were not consulted in this matter.

We will be organising a SC meeting within the next 2-3  weeks and we will give more details ASAP.

Port Vale Supporters’ Club, which has more than 1,600 members, would like to wish Micky Adams and his team all the best for Saturday’s trip to Aldershot.

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